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Tamer Frères sal, has more than 95 years of experience and dedication in the medical field.

The medical division at Tamer Frères sal is an entity specialized in delivering services, equipment, devices, implants and consumables to the medical sector. It also collaborates with leading companies worldwide to provide  the medical community  with world class educational, skills developing and training programs.

High tech equipment and devices are  provided to the medical sector, as soon as launched by manufacturers in reference medical centers worldwide.

Planning and execution of medical projects are offered and performed by our professional engineering department and the assistance of the manufacturers.

After sales services is secured through a highly qualified and continuously trained technical team and the availability of in house tools and spare parts.

Quality control and compliance to High standards is permanent and audited by premium standard institutes.

Tamer Frères sal has introduced the implementation to the management of certain sectors in hospitals such as the heart division and alleviating the load of finance investment to the hospital.

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