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The raw materials division within Tamer Frères sal is one of the oldest operations in the group spanning over a range of more than 55 years of continuous activity. Its vocation has been and still is to serve the various sectors of the industry in Lebanon, Near and Middle East and Africa at large by supplying it with its needs in first quality raw materials.

The main industries we are able to serve are the detergent industries, the households and cosmetics industries, food industries in which primarily the juice and beverage industries, the pharmaceutical industries and the polyurethane industries.

To achieve this purpose, we rely on a network of representations of leading worldwide suppliers in their fields. Some of these suppliers have been in cooperation and partnership with us since almost half a century. In line with the developing world market of raw materials, Tamer Frères sal has extended its range of raw materials with a thorough sourcing in the emerging technology worldwide.

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